DIY Intro

1)The most important thing about “using commoncents” when taking on a DIY project yourself is ” If you don’t know for sure, find out, don’t guess. “ The vast amount of info available on the internet leaves no excuse for the comments:

Oh, I didn’t know that.    Realy, does it that realy matter if you do that ?  or  I figured if I put a few more screws into it, it would hold.

Know your tools ! You will be able to use them more effectively and not loose a finger.

2) Read the manufacturer’s instructions, understand them and follow them exactly.      When applying thin set, grout or even paint, not following the instructions can be a big problem later.

3)Use the best products you can afford. Painting a room with cheap paint is a waste of time. How much is your time worth? A good quality paint will go on easier, look better and last longer than the less expensive alternative.

4)Make sure that the stuff you can’t see is done right. Up to 90 % of the any installation or DIY project is the realy critical work you never see.

The quality and strength of a sub-floor will determine to look, durability and functionality of any tiled floor for many years.

Make sure to have your walls and trim totally free of all needed repairs. Use very good lighting for the install to make sure you can see what you are doing, even if the room is usually not a bright room.

5) Know when to call in an expert.

Spare time doesn’t just happen. There is definitely a trade off with spare time and getting a project done. Organize friends and family to help out, especially someone with some experience.

All trades require knowledge and skills, some more technical than others. If you think that you can do as good a job as a pro, you are right. It is definitely possible.Maybe even better because you have a vested interest in your home. But please refer to common cents rule # 1. If you don’t know, for sure, find out. For sure !

Good luck and please feel free to contact us for any DIY question you might have.

I promise to follow rule # 1 for common cents.

Thanks. Mike T.

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